We eat vegetables and fruits because we all know that these foods can be a good source of vitamins and minerals and even nutrients to our body. They can supply many good benefits to our brain and help with the circulation of the blood throughout the body. It is the same idea to the dogs, but there would be a lot of limitations and fruits that can’t be allowed to be eaten by our dogs. For Four paws, CO, they have listed some of the most important and necessary foods that our animal pets are allowed to swallow and take. Here are some of the vegetables and fruits that you can share with your pets.

  1. ASPARAGUS: They would love to try new kind of vegetables to their plates. Cutting this asparagus into smaller size would give them a good appetite to eat them.
  2. WATERMELONS: Like tomatoes, watermelon contains lycopene and it is a good addition to your dog’s new meal plan.
  3. BLUEBERRY: For those people who live in European countries. You may enjoy now giving some fruits like this to them.
  4. SWEET POTATO: Not only humans like to eat sweet potatoes but dogs as well. They are the number one vegetable that can give good number of vitamins to the body.
  5. PUMPKINS: If you are thinking about fiber and anti-oxidant at the same time, then choose a pumpkin for your dog’s meal.
  6. APPLES: As it provides so much antioxidants. This fruit makes it as the number fruit to be eaten by animals. It doesn’t contain any allergic and poisonous chemicals to the pets.
  7. SPINACH: Having a green and leafy vegetable consumption on our table foods would be a good and healthy way to secure body from any sickness and diseases. It is going to be the same idea for our canines. It has iron that can be considered double source than any others.
  8. GREEN BAGUIO BEANS OR SPRING BEANS: It is going to be weird for a kid to see a dog eating green beans. But, this kind of vegetable is highly rich when it comes to nutrients. You can show to your kid that your dog is eating this and might one day she or he will eat this one as well.
  9. CANTALOUPE OR MELON: If you are thinking that it is very strange for dogs to eat cantaloupe, you are thinking in a different way. It is ok for them to digest this kind of fruits as it gives a good benefit to the eyesight of the animals. It contains so much vitamin A and of course the beta-carotene that helps to make the eyesight of everyone better.
  10. BRUSSEL SPROUT: Most of the kids don’t like to eat this kind of vegetables, they think that it is not delicious and it doesn’t look appetizing to them. But, maybe one day they will change their minds after they have seen your dog is eating this. It has vitamins like G and K and even the A and B6. It has also some element factors that can be very healthy for the body like potassium and manganese.