If your window has been dirty lately, invite the brightness back and make it return to your home with sparkling clean windows. From traditional window cleaning, there are lots of ways to bring the shine back again to window panes. You might not think about this often, but clean windows can bring a big difference to your rooms, making them light, vibrant and precise for the soul. In this article, we’ll show you how to clean your window as recommended by Concord home cleaning.  


Remove the Curtains 

Start by taking down the blinds and curtains. If you can, you can also take the probability to give your drapes a thorough wash. Use a dusting attachment or your vacuum to sweep the dust and cobwebs from around the corners of the windows.   

Clean the StubbornStains 

Outside windows are particularly prone to stains because they are uncovered from elements like minerals, tough water runoff, bird droppings, and many more that can cake on grime and dust. You can try many techniques to cast off marks on inside or outdoor windows. You can use a cleaning solution then damp a sponge with it. Rub the stains on the glass. After that, rinse the window with water. If the stain is still not removed, use a pure vinegar and let is fit for few minutes. Rub the stain with water. Rinse the solution away   

Wash Your Home WindowsWith Soapy Water 

After removing the stubborn stains, you can move forward with the normal cleaning. Fill the bucket with a simple solution of warm water and cleaning solution, but keep away from creating too many cleaning soap suds as these will go away further marks if they dry. Start washing the home windows with a sponge. You can also use other window-cleaning fluid, but be careful that sturdy formulation don’t harm the surrounding paintwork.  

Off ExcessCleaner 

Wipe off the excess solution from the glass window with a clean squeegee. Work your way from the top to bottom using the reverse S pattern. Wipe the squeegee blade periodically on a smooth rag to keep away from smearing dust around. Remove the remaining water with a microfiber cloth and dry the windowsill. Do not use cloths or paper towels that would possibly leave lint on the glass. You can also invest in a system with a U-shaped pole for the upper panels to reach those top-floor windows!  

Scrub the Panes 

If you have multi-pane windows, a hog-bristle brush or a hand-held sponge will work best. Try investing on natural sponges. They’re less assailable and greater absorbent than synthetics. Use the same solution of cleaning soap in water, rub every pane from top to bottom , left to right. Work the bristles of the brush of the edges of the sponge into the corners to loosen dirt. 

Wipe CleanWith Squeegee 

Wipe the window using a squeegee down each pane in a single stroke from top to bottom. After every stroke, clean the blade with a rag so it would not leave streaks. As we mentioned above, you can remove any streaks on the glass using a chamois.