It is not a simple task to remove tree stumps at home, the farmer used to burn or relied on a horse to pull it out during the old days but today chemicals are available in the market and are manufactured to rot the stump. In most of the cases, the process can take for months or more and are toxic. 

 Tree Stump

You may dig out a relatively small stump at home; however, you may have a hard time if you do not have the necessary tools and capabilities to do the job. When facing a larger stump, it is best to seek for tree removal services. 

Consider the price of the services that you will be paying if you are planning to hire a professional. You should determine if they are credible and check for references. 

It is a lot easier to grind a harder wood compared to woods that is not that really hard.  For instance, even if oak is not the densest woods, it is still one of the easier trees to grind. This is because the size of the chip is relatively small. 

The type of wood determines the chip size, the softer the wood, the bigger it chip size. Big mounds of chips are also made. However, if the stump was little in size, the pile of chips may be quite big mainly because the pile of chips is fluffed full of air. It is advisable that the chips will sit for a few days to allow the air to leak and compression to take place. 

Even if the dust has already settled, it is not an indication that it is time to scatter the grass seed. The environment around the stump is not favorable because as the chips decompose, the nitrogen from the soil around them is absorbed. It is crucial that you move the freshly mulched chips to decompose and move them to a compost pit to be stored for about a year or more.  

Once the chips are extracted from the area and you are ready to plant again, it is crucial to keep in mind that the plants that are growing before may not be suitable to replant now. For instance, Bermuda grass is a better option because the lawn underneath a big tree was primarily fescue and now in full sun. 

Plants that were once planted in that area may need to be put in another area that provides shade; the plants may be replaced with ones that can tolerate more sunlight. 

You must keep in mind that once you have taken the mulched chips from the stump and delivered to the compost pit, the tree may be gone for good or may come back from the roots. A mower can be used to take care of any new growth if the tree is located in a grassy area. 

It is possible that the tree removal service may chase the roots but the process requires intensive labor and costly, it can also somehow destroy your lawn. The roots of a tree commonly extend quite a few feet beyond the drip line.